Wonder Woman

I wonder.

I wonder how you feel right now.
I wonder what you’re thinking about at this moment.
I wonder if you think about me too like how I think about you.
I wonder if you got over me like how I’m trying my best to get over you.
I wonder if you’re happy.
I wonder if you feel that you made the right choice already, of choosing her instead of me.

I wonder…

I wonder when we could talk again, or chat, maybe.
I wonder what your reaction would be if we meet again.
I wonder what those eyes of yours would say when you look at me and vice versa.

I wonder…

I wonder what could have been if you chose me over her.
I wonder why you chose her.

I wonder why you didn’t tell me the truth before.
I wonder why you left me hanging.
I wonder why you never told me she wants to get back with you in the first place.

I wonder why you let me fall for you when you have no intention of catching me.

I wonder…

You told me a year ago that the reason I’m still single is because I’m afraid to get hurt.
I replied saying that I’m just waiting for the one who’s worth the hurt.
You answered me saying how’d I know if don’t try…

This year, I tried.
I took the risk of getting hurt thinking that you could be that guy.
I got what I needed.
I got hurt.

Now I wonder…
When will I ever find the man who’s really worth it.


Stuck Still

Relapse 101.
A thought.

Right after I read his reply that he can’t love us both, I deleted all his text messages in my inbox except for the latter. It was a fast decision, a decision where it need not involved the heart. 

I deleted his number also.

Tears then filled my eyes and my heart throbbed with pain.

Damn. I just can’t believe how stupid I was. How stupid to fall for his trap…

After all these years of choosing carefully to whom I should give my heart, I ended up giving it to a jerk.

Swallowed my pride for this guy, lowered my standards, made exceptions, and lose my self-worth and respect along the way.

I sounded stupid right there and then… but then again, they say, if you’re not willing to sound like one, then you’re not ready to fall in love.

Why do we always end up loving someone who can’t love us back and leave behind those who love us but we don’t love?

All I really wanted from him was the truth.
Not to leave me hanging or keep on waiting for him.

He was a jerk. His actions simply said so.

I guess this heart of mine really has a thing for jerks…


when you have nothing else to do but THINK…, RELAPSE occurs.

I could fill a thousand pages telling you how I felt and still you would not understand. So now I leave without a sound, except that of my heart shattering as it hits the ground.

Why is it that I finally convince my mind that I am over you, then I see you and my heart takes over and screws everything up? Why do you have that power over me if we cannot be together?

There are reasons we met, reasons for the good and the bad times, and more importantly, a reason to an end. We have more to learn, more to experience, and more loving left in this lifetime.

Because I never really had you at all, I didn’t think it would hurt this much to lose you.

The worst thing a guy can do is let a girl fall in love when he doesn’t intend to catch her fall.

Even if he doesn’t like me tomorrow, I knew he loved me yesterday.

source: http://www.poemslovers.com

Chance or Choice?

Got this text earlier this evening. Fits perfectly.
FUDGE destiny. You make your own Destiny by making Choices!

When you meet the person to love at the right place, on the right time – that’s CHANCE.

Knowing that there are others who’s more attractive, smarter, richer than your mate, yet you decided to love him or her just the same – that’s CHOICE.

Attraction comes to us by “CHANCE”
But true love that lasts is a “CHOICE”


“Fate brings you together, but its still up to you to make it happen. We may meet someone by CHANCE, but loving and staying with that someone is still a CHOICE.