It happened.

Dear Diary,

It’s depressing. Not to the point that I’m suicidal at the moment and all. But yes. It IS depressing.

I just heard that a batchmate of mine is going to have an interview to an awesome hospital here in Cebu. And I know in my heart and mind that I promised not to rant about this racist stuff, but I’m going to… just about now…

I applied to this “awesome” hospital I’m talking to you about just 3 weeks ago [I guess, not really accurate with dates]. And BOOM! I got discriminated. The reason? The university I graduated from is not hospital-affiliated-shit. And here comes a BATCHMATE of mine who happens to be a graduate of the same school I graduated from [DUH?! “batchmate” refers to a person who was in the same “batch” as you were in school, college, a military or administrative academy; or another intensive program where people get to know their cohorts quite well. The rough American equivalent is “classmate”–according to URBANDICTIONARY] who will be having her interview days from now. I mean, is that even possible? YES IT IS! This is PHILIPPINES. NO FUN at all. Gaaaaaaaaaaah!

Okay. So that’s it. I’m done with that  shit a while ago. Really. I don’t want to talk about it. And to think…. argh… Nevermind. It’s shitty politics I tell you. You don’t need to be a topnotcher to get a job. All you need is a “BACKER.”


CHANGE TOPIC —————————

Tomorrow’s another day to think about. I’ll be having my i-don’t-know-what-i’m-getting-myself-into interview and only God knows what will happen to me and my life. God bless America and the World!


2 responses

  1. ngiti lang ibibigay din ni Lord ang nakalaan sayo.

    <– base on experience yan.. haha …
    JObless ako ngayon eh.

    I call my current situation as "the season of preparation."

    Be Blessed.

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