Cheers to all ‘BESTEST’ FRIENDS!

This is a letter I wrote for my bestest friend about 4 years ago… because I didn’t know how to express how grateful I was for her. And just like now, I am thankful for that bestest friend of mine, for still listening, understanding, and inspiring me despite our distance. They say true friends are hard to find. But keeping them is the hardest part. I’m glad to have found and kept a friend like her. ❤


You were wrong when you said I was good with words. I never were, never will I ever be. If only I could just be as brave as you – to be able to say what my heart really feels even in this simple message.


I’m a weakling too you know. My pride seems to be more than just a case of beer.


In this thing called friendship; I noticed that I do not understand the word “affection”.  Well, maybe I do… maybe I don’t. I’m just not that showy. The word “caring” is all I could offer.


I shouldn’t get used to this. The attention and care that I’m getting from you is just too much that I’m afraid of what will happen if we part. I’m afraid that I’d be missing somebody when that day happens – I’d be missing you.


Secretly, I’m thanking you… more than thanking you. Those messages I’ve sent you, for sure, are not enough. They are just shadows, bits and pieces of my thoughts, fragments of what I really feel.


If only I could say to you – the word “I LOVE YOU”, the word “THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH”


The truth is, right now all I wanna do is to hug you tight and tell you how much this friendship means to me and how sorry I am for being such a numb friend, unable of showing love.


Maybe that’s the reason why I’m so afraid of falling in love. It’s hard to reciprocate when you can’t show it. I’m afraid to show love.


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